What We Do

American Corrections Maintenance, Inc. is a full-service Detention Equipment Contractor specializing in the procurement and installation of durable, security-grade detention equipment and precast cell modules for new and existing correctional facilities throughout the United States. Security detention equipment is specifically manufactured to perform under the heavy abuse that occurs in correctional facilities.


In addition to our Detention Equipment Contracting and Precast Cell Module Construction capabilities, we also offer Detention Equipment Material Supply and Facility Maintenance services. Please contact us for any Detention Equipment furnish and installation needs.

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Detention Equipment Contracting

Our team’s capabilities include the furnish and installation of: Detention Hollow Metal Doors & Frames, Detention Windows, Detention Hardware, Detention Furniture & Fixtures, Security Glazing, Security Ceilings, Security Mesh, Detention Wall Panels.

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Detention Equipment Supply

ACM offers a wide selection of industry leading products through our vendor relationships for new and existing detention facilities.

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Precast Modular Cell Construction

Precast Modular Concrete Cell units have served the correctional institution needs of many federal, state, and local corrections clients as they provide a high level of security and design flexibility. Double and quad cell modules are cast with our precast partners, finished, completely fit out and furnished prior to installation at the project site. Precast cells continue to be an economical solution for clients by accelerating construction schedules in a quality-controlled manufacturing environment.

Facility Maintenance

Our team can assist your facility with on-site consultations, service contracts, retrofitting and supply needs. Our programs work with each facility to ensure safety, budget and quality.